What Breed Of Cat Are You?

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As the beloved tune states, 'everybody wants to be a cat'. That may not be entirely true, however, many can't help but admire their lithe movements and mysterious ways. But are all cats like this? Oh, dear reader, no! Within this one species is an endless diversity of subspecies and personalities, all unique and fascinating. So which breed of cat ARE you, to be precise?

This quiz is rather short, but in my opinion dreadfully informative. I won't tell you what the possible results are--that's half the fun. However, I will hint that some of the breeds listed may not be familiar to one who isn't fond of cats. With the results I have provided color images depicting the breed in its beautiful prime. So what are you waiting for? Step on, my dear cousin, into the beautiful world of cats!

Created by: KilljoyRainbow
  1. What do you feel like doing tonight?
  2. Please, pick your favorite sport or athletic activity for playing.
  3. And now your favorite athletic activity for observing.
  4. How would you describe your childhood behavior?
  5. What is your ideal career?
  6. What is one word someone would use to describe you, at a first glance?
  7. Do you have a religion?
  8. What is your favorite breed of dog?
  9. Let's imagine you're at a shopping mall. You notice a very small child crying, and no parental figure evident. What do you say to the child?
  10. Pick a song--It doesn't have to be your favorite.
  11. And how shall we say goodbye?

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