What Cartoon Character are You (appearance)?

FOR GIRLS ONLY: A quiz to figure out which cartoon character you are, so you know who to dress up as at Halloween or costume parties or whatever! WARNING:

I only have ten possible results, so rainbow hair people... sorry there is no result for you! But you can be Rainbow Dash, so everybody wins, plus your hair is probably awesome looking :) -- Oh and Suki is actually counted as red and brown!

Created by: MySake
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Is your hair black?
  2. Is your hair blonde? (sorry gals, I got to make it have 12 questions :)
  3. Is your hair red?
  4. Is your hair brown?
  5. Is your hair long?
  6. Which descent is your family from?
  7. Is your hair short?
  8. I've ran out of questions.
  9. I sure hope that this is a girl taking this!
  10. All the results are girl characters.

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Quiz topic: What Cartoon Character am I (appearance)?