What book should you write?

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Do you want to write a best-seller? Take this wonderful quiz to know what about. This 15-questions-test will enlighten your mind!Finally you'll be famous!

So do. this. test. now. and find out! Thank you so, so much if you take this exceptionally weird test.I promise you, your life won't be ruined by wasting your precious time on my test/

Created by: Tiger

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What username would you choose for a random website?
  2. What 'war' story do you prefer?
  3. Which quote do you prefer?
  4. What pet do you want?
  5. How do your friends see you?
  6. Which thing fits your personality?
  7. A girl walks to a pond. What happens next?
  8. Which wand would you want?
  9. A man is crying because...
  10. You prefer:
  11. When?
  12. Are you funny?
  13. Last question. (finallyyy i hate this stupid test). How should a story end?

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Quiz topic: What book should I write?