Love at Ms Peregrine's home for peculiar children Pt4

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There will finally be action. who do you choose? Who dies? Do you ever get? Find out in another exciting story of Ms Peregrines home for Peculiar Childre Pt4

Hi guys! There will finally be action! In this one you actually get there but..... I'm not spoiling this because I have been dying to write this version!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. You finally wake up at 12 o'clock and the sun is shining on you. You are alone. "Hello?" "Finally, your up." said Millard. "Shall we start?" You nodded and got dressed. Then you and Millard walked downstairs to meet the biys who were finding the quickest and safest route. "Mornin" The boys looked up. Enoch smiled and gave a small salute. "Morning, Birdie."
  4. After a quick argument to get to the route you finally left to go and save everyone. You walked and the guys walked up the scotish mountains and to the loch. "Where's the loop?" "Inthelake." "Ha that's really funny."The boys gravely looked at you. "Your not kidding?"They shook their heads. You sighed "where abounce?" "In the middle." "I'll drop you off one by one. got it?" They nodded. Jacob went first then Enoch finally Millard. All of a sudden there was pressure on you lips.
  5. Millard was kissing you than stopped. "See you down there Angel. He jumped. You floated up the blushed.
  6. You shook your head then dove into the freezing water. When you went into the loop you came out falling. You heard screaming and dove and caught the boys one by one and landed them safely on the ground.
  7. "Where are we?" Millard asked. "Welcome, to Hanging rock!" You heard gigling of girls and then they turned to defeaning screams. "Hollow's!" you ran but it was to late 3 girls and a governess were flat down dead with no eyes.
  8. Jacob followed the Hollowgast and you flew after him. Leading you into a trap
  9. "Hello! lovelies!"it was a whight. His friends grabbed you. "____"It was the others. "Say goodbye to your friends!" Before you could do anything the Holows picked them off one by one. The remainder of you cried. "No!"
  10. "I just need you girlie! Boys kill the others!" "No spare them, I'll do whatever you want! Whatever you need!" "Tempting....Ok"
  11. The wights grabbed you and pulled you to a machine. "Dear we are just stealing your power"You gulped as the wight hooked you up.....
  12. Sorry guys I called on a cliff hanger hope you enjoyed bye

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