What BlackBlood Alliance Character are You?

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Blackblood Alliance is a Comic, Dedicated to a Pack Of Wolves, Consuming with the Two Alpha Wolves, Whitewind and Greyback, although Greyback is Deceased. What Blackblood Alliance Character are you, though! Answe these Questions, and you will find out!

This Quiz has the 8 most Common, or Popular characters in the Comic. Which one are you? The Top-dog alpha Greyback or Whitewind, or are you Kita, the Funloving, smart Omega! You will soon find out!

Created by: OmegaWolf
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  1. You wer asked to Protect the Pack. Later on at night, you see a Creature Lurking... you have never seen it before! What do you do?
  2. You had to Choose what the pack was eating tonight. What would you Decide?
  3. A Pack of Smilodons (Sabers) came Rushing up to the pack. It was Up to you, to look after Everyone. What do you do to Help them?
  4. There was A fight going on Between Two Packs, over the lack of food. What do you do to Help stop the Fight from getting out of hand?
  5. You were On a Hunt, About to Bring down a Large Roe Deer, when a Strange Wolf, With cuts, wounds and Starving, Comes over and Disrupts, also overtakes the hunt. What do you do?
  6. Your Pack Sister or Brother was dying, after Saving your life, as a Hunter Tried to Catch you, for your Fur. Your Pack was Leaving you Behind, and your Sibling was lying there, Bleeding and Dying, unless you heal them. Is your choice to Stay, or follow the pack?
  7. A young Wolf, Strong, Healthy and Muscular wanted to Join The Pack. They wait for your Desicion. What Will be your Answer?
  8. All Problems are Solved Within your Pack, for now. Once again, you are able to Settle in, and Make new friends. What Will be the First thing You ever do.
  9. Your Personality is What Brings out the real you. Which one of these Suggestions Fit you Best.
  10. You Are by the River, Hoping to Catch Fish for your Dinner. You see a Drowing Pup, that is not in your Pack, Drowing And grasping for Breath... then you see an Adult Wolf, that Never Learned to Swim. Who would you save first?

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