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  • Pff, honesty, I’m only Ciel when I’m angry. (By that I mean I show no emotion). But I guess the description is somewhat accurate, except I’m more timid than cold...

    GhostlyGirl86 May 16 '18, 12:33PM
  • Grell :D

    LokiCat Jan 25 '17, 1:07PM
  • ...I'm Ciel... An understandable answer...

    Gothlolligal Apr 6 '16, 7:19PM
  • ... I'm ceil... I guess that's understandable... Yeah I get their point

    Gothlolligal Apr 6 '16, 7:18PM
  • i may be a girl but im fine with being ciel

    mykra Jul 10 '15, 12:51AM
  • i got ciel, then alois!? (i hate him), then grell, then sebby.

    quiztakergirl0 Jun 14 '15, 7:37AM
  • I got Grell! XD

    Evenescense694 Jun 1 '15, 8:29PM
  • What Black Butler character are you?
    Your Result: Grell Sutcliff!

    You are flamboyant, over the top and completely eccentric! You love the colour red and you love to dress up as a woman. You even have a crush on a special someone whom you love deeply.
    You are Ciel Phantomhive

    You are Sebastian!

    Alois Trancy

    I Love Grell. Cx

    TheLoveOfBands Nov 22 '14, 1:38PM
  • iam sebastian michaelis

    sebastian123 Oct 16 '14, 9:59AM
  • I am.....Ciel! yay i'm my crush :D

    Sakikirato Oct 13 '14, 5:01PM
  • I didn't see the anime, so who is Alois? Spell check

    JTheGreat Aug 18 '14, 2:44AM
  • Hehe I can rock a pair of booteh shorts every day!!!

    Kuroshisuji__ Aug 12 '14, 2:21AM
  • I got alois!!!

    Kuroshisuji__ Aug 12 '14, 2:18AM
  • Why did I have to get Alloys!?!?!?!?!?

    Bellamcbella Jun 21 '14, 7:02PM
  • What Black Butler character are you?
    Your Result: You are Ciel Phantomhive

    Cold , isolated but a warm hearted child on the inside. You are strict and believe in dicipline and work. But you have a soft side to you as well that you are unwilling to show.
    You are Sebastian!

    Grell Sutcliff!

    Aloi s Trancy

    I'm ciel!!!!!!!! ^.^

    Loving_Monster Nov 3 '13, 8:10PM
  • I love to dress up as a woman...I'm a girl. Duh.

    GothicNyanCat Aug 9 '13, 7:59PM
  • What Black Butler character are you?
    I'm Sebastian!.. even though i'm a girl :3

    You are dutiful, loyal and always ready to serve someone. You hate it when things don't go as planed and your main pet peeve is being late! But don't worry, even if your master is in a life or death situation you'll protect them till you claim their soul >:)

    Butlr_Itsuki Apr 12 '13, 3:44PM
  • I am simply one hell of a tester...

    Montresor Feb 14 '13, 11:18PM
  • I don't understand how I can be the master when I am but one hell of a servant myself. ._. But a quiz is a quiz is a quiz, I suppose~

    The Coldest Sun Nov 17 '12, 10:54PM
  • Quiz: You are Ciel Phantomhive!


    Vocaloid Sep 11 '12, 6:43PM
  • Sebasian is close to me im like.a sevan in the house :/

    torshiro love Aug 1 '12, 11:20PM
  • Sebastian..
    Even though I am a girl, close to Grell

    RedGrim Jun 16 '12, 1:41PM

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