what birth order are you?

There are many strong, responsible people in the world, but only special people can deal with being the oldest. what is the oldest? the oldest is someone who was "blessed" with being born first. which means, having strict parents with tough rules, and putting up with little siblings aggravating you and getting into you personal belongings. only the strongest can be the oldest.

is your personality like the oldest? or maybe the youngest? or maybe you're a middle child. well now you can take this easy quiz to find out what birth order personality you have. so hurry up! take the quiz, and find out what order you were meant to be born in!

Created by: ashley

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  1. The electricity is out, you have fun by...
  2. your sibling doesn't have a jacket and it's 14 degrees outside, you...
  3. your mom's exspensive china is broken, your parents blame...
  4. whats your favorite part of the pizza?
  5. there is one chocolate bar left, who gets it?
  6. you have just been called stupid, who will get in trouble?
  7. when you told your parents you had a boyfriend, they...
  8. which is your favorite part of a cheesecake?
  9. you forget to do your chores...
  10. you find an old baby book of yours, whats in it...

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Quiz topic: What birth order am I?