What belly do you like on a guy?

There are many guys out there, but few just the right size for you. So what fatness do you like? How much fat do you like do cuddle? Would you feed your guy til he bursts or not?

Are you a fat or muscle lover? Food or exercise based relationship? Please take my quiz to see which belly you would like yo have on a guy, but sorry guys, it's only for girls, I'm afraid!

Created by: Randomer
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  1. How much food would you eat if you had a never ending supply?
  2. You see a guy with a six pack walking down the street, you..
  3. You see a fat guy (25 pounds to be exact) and you think...
  4. You enjoy a guy engulfing you in fat/ squashing you
  5. Would you, if you could, be fed/force fed to gain weight?
  6. Would you force feed your partner?
  7. If your boyfriend was eating his 10 helping at a buffet and his pants ripped, his button pinged off his trousers and his gigantic belly overflows, what would you think?
  8. Your boyfriend has...
  9. What is your romantic dinner?
  10. At your guy's birthday, what serving of chocolate cake (that serves 16) do you give him?
  11. If it was the last day of the world, how much would you eat?
  12. In bed at night, you and your boyfriend share a king sized bed. You...
  13. How wide would he be?
  14. What would your boyfriend see when looking down, belly stuck out as far as possible?
  15. Which fairy tale character?
  16. You guy guy and you are in shop and he is stuck between two aisles. You..

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Quiz topic: What belly do I like on a guy?