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  • Your Result: The Joker 92%

    You are the Joker a trickery and laughing killing person. You are very crazy. You like pranks, jokes and carnivals. You like one or more of these colors: Purple, green, black, yellow, white, red, blue, or orange

    73% Mr. Freeze
    68% Two Face
    64% The Riddler
    47% Catwoman
    46% The Penguin
    39% Poison Ivy
    14% Clay Face

  • Your Result: Mr. Freeze 84%

    You are Mr. Freeze. You love ice and snow. You can't stand the sun at all. You had a loved one that passed and you want revenge. You like one or more of these colors: White, blue, silver, grey, clear, or black.

    76% The Joker
    63% Two Face
    62% The Riddler
    57% Poison Ivy
    50% The Penguin
    47% Catwoman
    45% Clay Face

    The faded smoke
  • Aw no Harley Quinn? I got the riddler he is a really cool villain I do like his color scheme and his personality alot. I also do tend to find myself liking mind puzzles at times. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • Lol. I got the Joker. Followed by the Riddler and I wasn't paying attention after that


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