what BASIC chasses are YOU (funorb steel sentinals)

hey you, yes i mean you come here and look below i dare you to take this quiz comon!

comon are you begging to see what chassis you really are then come on down youre the next contestant on the....... now what was i supposed to say again?

Created by: samson

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you separate your power to other weapons?
  2. how do you defeat a babel?
  3. how do you counter flying units
  4. how long do you think you will last for facing a babel?
  5. do you like the DEATH NUKE MWUHAHAHHAHAHA
  6. sorry!
  7. do you think that last question was completely random? (no points here)
  8. whew back to normal questions: what the fastest time you can beat a babel?
  9. whould you like questions 1 and 2 removed (no points)
  10. look below

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Quiz topic: What BASIC chasses am I (funorb steel sentinals)