What Bartimaeus trilogy character are you?

Bartimaeus, Kalik, kitty jones, Nathanial. just who are they? four people from the Bartimaeus trilogy. so Have you ever wondered who you are most like in The Bartimaeus Trilogy?

well then you are in luck because we have a quiz that will fill you r needs. just take this quiz to find out who you are most like. it will only take a few minutes to find out!

Created by: Kalik
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  1. are you are sarcastic person by nature?
  2. do you like moles?
  3. are you protective?
  4. do you like silver?
  5. do you like iron?
  6. do you like lavender?
  7. are you a witty person?
  8. are you a mean person by nature?
  9. are you a caring person?
  10. do you have problems with people who are in a higher position then you?

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Quiz topic: What Bartimaeus trilogy character am I?