What band should you listen to?

What band would you like the most besides metallica? Just kidding. This quiz is purely for fun and *may* provide accurate results, but maybe not. It was for fun. Come on and try and see which band you should really listen to.

You probably already have a favorite band. But you should try to listen to a little of the songs of the band of your results. You may like it. There were a lot of "ofs" in that last section.

Created by: gunbladebeserkr
  1. Do you like to listen to your music loud?
  2. True or false- I like my music with heavy drumbeats
  3. Do you like music that makes you headbang?
  4. True/false. The music you like makes you air guitar.
  5. Are you always fiddling with the radio to find a good song?
  6. What type of radio station do you typically listen to?
  7. What type of music do you typically prefer?
  8. Do you prefer rhythm or melody?
  9. Do you play contact sports?
  10. what kind of lyrics to you like?

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Quiz topic: What band should I listen to?