How Well Do You Know Evanescence

I've been an Evanescence fan for a while now. I wanted to test people and see who much they know about my favorite band. I think they are a classical band that live good marks everywhere. We can all relate to their music and its just fun to hear it! Seriously this band is great so listen to their music...

Please dont be discouraged by your score, its just a quiz that I made up (yes I have no life, but sorry I was bored) anyways, if you are a true Evanescence fan you listen to their music, support them and of course relate to their songs.

Created by: The Open Door Myspace
  1. Where is Evanescence from?
  2. Which of the following is not a Major ALbum?
  3. Which of the following songs was the first single of their album Fallen?
  4. Which of the following songs was supposed to be their first single but due to the success from Bring Me to Life this desicion was changed?
  5. Which song was not ment to be a single but became a single in the end?
  6. If you were to compare two songs from Evanescence beat wise, which two would match correctly?
  7. Which two songs best match eachother?
  8. Which song is Amy Lee's favorite song from Fallen?
  9. Which is Amy Lee's favorite song from The Open Door?
  10. What does the term Evanescence mean?

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