do you know Evanessance?

Evanescence is an awesome band with a biiiiiig background lets see how much you know of it.... *sly evil smile* almost everyone knows of them and almost all of those people love them!! (like me)

How well do you know Evanescence? a little? a lot? take this quiz to find out if you really are a true fan like you think you are! you might have to be a biiig freak of goth music to get some of these so are you up for a challenge?

Created by: Bri
  1. Two members of what band are filling in for the lost/fired members in Evanessance?
  2. when did the beloved Ben Moody leave the band?
  3. All together how many siblings did Amy Lee have?
  4. In the CD "Open Door" what song features 2 of Amys siblings singing with her?
  5. Where did the band originate?
  6. What does Evanescence mean?
  7. Evanescence won 7th place for the best band in the world in what music contest?
  8. what mistake did i make in the beginning of this test?
  9. how did Ben Moody ans Amy Lee meet?
  10. "i live in darkness i sleep to die erase the silence, erase my life. our burning ashes blacken the day. this world of nothingness blow me away" who sings that part of the song Sweet Sacrifice?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Evanessance?