How Evanescence are you?

Evanesacence is a popualar rock/metal/operatic band that has been rocking a more gothic stage than other bands. Could you be a part of this stunning group?

Maybe you share the same mindset as the band members of Evanescence themselves, or maybe you're more acclimated to be an adoring fan in the crowd, or perhaps you are some else, into other things, other bands, other places. Or perhaps you do do not know who the heck they are.

Created by: ILoveEvanescence
  1. If I closed my eyes and grabbed something from your closet, it would most likely be..
  2. Your favorite color is..
  3. What stereotype do you classify yourself as?
  4. You'd rather..
  5. You'd rather read a book about..
  6. You're funny..
  7. Your favorite Amy Haertzler qoute?
  8. Your philisophy?
  9. Other than Evanescence, you listen to...
  10. Your car of choice?

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Quiz topic: How Evanescence am I?