What Bakugan Atrabute Are You

take your bakugan quiz here what atrabute will you be.Will you be darkus/dark or hyaos/light.Will you be pyrus/fire or aquas/water.Will you be ventus/wind or subtara/earth find out here on this quiz what bakugan atrabute are you

here you find out about many things called atrabutes so take the quiz and find out what atrabute you are ok please do it because im runing out of things to say good bye

Created by: Keifer

  1. do you like black bakugan
  2. do you like blue bakugan
  3. do you like red bakugan
  4. do you like green bakugan
  5. do you like white bakugan
  6. do you like brown bakugan
  7. who is your favorite boy character
  8. who is your favorite girl character
  9. are you rich
  10. what name do you like the best
  11. what atrabute do you want to get

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Quiz topic: What Bakugan Atrabute am I