What are your special DATING TRAITS?

What special dating trait do you have that pulls your significant other towards you? What is it that pulls them towards you? Take this quiz to find out.

Maybe it was your confidence or your physical attractiveness that got them at you. "Cheesy stuff, cheesy stuff, blah blah blah," This quiz will show you some of the traits that pulled your person towards you.

Created by: random person
  1. How do you act around your date?
  2. You are on a date. How do you present yourself?
  3. Do you attempt to show off your best features around your date?
  4. Do you blush a lot or get stuck in the middle of your sentence when with your crush?
  5. Do you succeed in making your crush laugh?
  6. Do you try to talk to your crush, smile at them, or offer to do things for them?
  7. Would you go over to your date's house and see if they're okay when they have been ill?
  8. If you heard others talk trash about your date, would you tell them to cut it out?
  9. Do you take things into your hands such as being the first one to make a move or the first to break the tension?
  10. Do you go right onto kissing on the first or second date?
  11. Do you have gifts for your date right on time and does your date look real happy?
  12. How much do you think you know about your date?

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Quiz topic: What am Ir special DATING TRAITS?