What are your hidden powers?

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We usually never believe in magic in this world, but when you here about witchcraft,sorcery,black magic,white magic,witchery, Wicca,mojo,voodoo,hoodoo,necromancy, etc you don't know what to think? Well, those things are real, but there is another type of ability humans are coming to know!

Are YOU one of the lucky ones that have a hidden ability? I have the power of jinxing and premonition, but let's find out what YOU have. Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Rebecca
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  1. Do you suddenly get a feeling something will happen?
  2. If someone if sad, happy, mad, or excited, do you sense that feeling, or can relate to that feeling before they sense it or relate to it?
  3. Do you ever wish/think of something happening, and before you know it.. it does!
  4. Do you ever wake up, and just have a feeling everything is working against you? Thins collapse, and just plain bad luck? Then you touch someone and something bad happens to them? Or you touch something and it gets lost or broken?
  5. Do you ever just here something like a voice say something randomly? Then you turn around and ask who said it and no one says they did?
  6. Do you ever feel like one day, things just go crazy for no reason?????
  7. Do you ever just get mad and things around you go hay wire?
  8. Do things move accidentally, when there is no wind or anyone around?
  9. Do things just go wrong, no matter what you do?
  10. Do you just know what someone is thinking about randomly? And you do the thing they want? And they ask you how you know but you just can not explain?

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