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    What are you? An Alpha, Beta or Omega?
    Your Result: Beta 81%

    Beta are the second in command helping the function of the pack if anything ever fell out of balance or unreasoning. If the Alpha is unfit to continue leading they are allowed to takeover in a winner-takes-all brawl. Being a Beta is important in the pack hierarchy and it is useful to see that taking responsibility is within this role. It isn't to be taken lightly and does alter things in your group. Everyone goes to you for valid advice for you have lived through many eyes with you certain amount of knowledge.

    78% Alpha
    Meh, its accurate enough for me.

  • Very nice quiz *applause*

    I can see how long and hard you worked on the descriptions.

    It would be great if you could take my quizzes!

    Just search up my name, and you should see things like Wolf RP 1 and Whats you Wolf name. Just go onto a quiz and select my name, then you can view all my quizzes.

  • Beta,I do think I give good advice sense I've been through hell and back in my life alot of the time. I'd try to eventually become alpha though. Cool quiz mate.

  • I mean, not to advertise my own quiz

  • make more of these quizes


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