What are the chances of her saying "Yes"?

"...You see that girl over there? She's mine someday," you tell your friend. "No way man, how much does she like you?" You sit there, confused. Your response: ...?

Well, here is your way to find out her response before-hand. Take this quiz to test what you'd do for her, and if it's what she wants. It'll make her super duper happy.

Created by: HNAH
  1. How did/would you ask her out?
  2. Which song would you sing/play for her at her bedroom window? (If you don't know the songs then look them up.)
  3. Does she like you?
  4. If she was upset about something, how would you fix it?
  5. How much often do you compliment her?
  6. Which metaphor describes her best?
  7. Would you marry her if you two were dating then?
  8. Would you carry her to bed?
  9. If she fell on the sidewalk and got her knee scratched until it bled, what would you do?
  10. Where would you like to kiss her first?
  11. When will you tell her you love her?
  12. You will treat her most like which of the following?
  13. Now be honest, were you honest on all of the questions?

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