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  • Yaaaas! Rika!

    ocean Jan 3 '15, 12:53AM
  • W00T! Konata Izumi from Lucky Star! Now that I think of it, I do relate to her. :P

    TheEpicNagisa Oct 2 '13, 4:28PM
  • My result: LUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CrazyNotInsane Nov 21 '11, 1:00PM
  • Your Result: Konata (Lucky Star)

    You are maybe spending your time on one thing too much. You love video games, they're cool, but don't spend too much time on it, your grade might go down. You may hear word like interesting from people around you. You have your own cool personality!

    Tha t is so true. XD

    AnimeLuver889 Nov 19 '11, 10:47PM

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