What animal would you be

Hi please read this quiz it is not one of those quizzes that only has one answer and I made sure that the questions and answers are as fun and cool as the quiz

This quiz was made for all those animal loving people who enjoy a good quiz about animals personally my favourite animal is the wolf so that's what you may get there are other animals to there are dogs,cats,birds,horses ect

Created by: Wolfsnow64

  1. Are you dependent
  2. Are you willing to do dangerous things
  3. Do you love all animals
  4. Do you have friends
  5. Are you relied upon
  6. Do you sleep in
  7. Are you amigitive
  8. Are you bored
  9. Are you active
  10. Do you trust your friends with your life
  11. Would you be willing to lie to a court to save your friends from going to jail

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