The Opposite Quiz

mSweEzy back again to dominate for another one of my random quizzes! Do you know how to do this quiz? If you do, then all of the correct answers are wrong and the incorrect answer is right. Good luck on this quiz, if you read this part...

Can you answer the right questions? Maybe you can, if you read the top paragraph. You are very clever if you didn't though and got a good score. Good luck!

Created by: mSweEzy
  1. True or False: Whales are bigger than a schoolbus.
  2. Gray's Anatomy is a T.V show.
  3. There are marbles in a bag. There are 10 yellow, 5 red, 16 blue, and 19 green. Which one is most likely to be pulled out?
  4. Which group has one thing in common altogether?
  5. Books...
  6. Flowers...
  7. There are ___ continents on earth.
  8. Swords
  9. Which one is real?
  10. A scissors' purpose is to

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