Fat Quiz Opposite Day

There are lots and lots of fat quizzes, but this is the first Opposite Day version of a fat quiz! It tells you how fat you are, but with an awesome twist!

Opposite Day quizzes are quizzes where you answer each question as opposite from the truth as possible! Then, your result will be true, based on your answers. For example, on the weight question, if you pick 90lbs, you will most likely get the fat result.

Created by: Fuglina

  1. OK, now except for the first 2 questions, this is an opposite day quiz. You will answer the questions as opposite as possible. So, do you think you are fat?
  2. Alright, your weight is?
  3. How often do you exercise?
  4. Do you count calories?
  5. About how many calories do you have each day?
  6. What body shape do you have?
  7. How often are you called fat?
  8. Yeah, I feel you. Do your friends encourage you to lose weight?
  9. Do you gain weight on the holidays?
  10. Your size? (anything, shirts, pants, dress, etc.)

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