How Self-Centered Are You?

This quiz is to show you how conceited or not you are. Be honest! Answer with whichever answer you think would best describe you. This can either be a lot of fun, or tell you something about yourself that you may have to face up to.

Some of the quizzes made to determine how self-centered you are haven't been that good. Which is why I made this one, to prove once and for all which one you are. :) All of these questions and possible answers are based on fictional events.

Created by: Halley

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  1. Your best friend texts you in the middle of the night, "Are u up? I need 2 talk." after reading the text how do you respond?
  2. You throw a party at your house. One (or more) of your friends brings their significant other along, and they are acting cute and a little mushy like couples tend to do. What do you do?
  3. Great you finally get a day off and now you need to clean the basement! This blows, what can I do to make this better for me?
  4. You see someone drop a 20 dollar bill across the parking lot. They are a good distance ahead of you and do not notice. What do you do?
  5. Your week has been pretty crappy, and you can't wait to get together with your best friend on Friday. Thursday you get a call saying they won't be able to make it, they have to help their grandmother move. What is your reaction?
  6. You are at a game night with a bunch of your friends. Your friend Sara has the magic touch when it comes to board games and has been winning each game. How do you react?
  7. Your at work, and a coworker does something that really irritates you. How do you handle it?
  8. It's your birthday!!!!Everything is all planned out for your special day (or week) how do you act on your day?
  9. Your on the phone with one of your best friends. They are excited about something that happened in their day and have launched into a story to explain what happened. You:
  10. You are home alone on a Saturday. What do you do?

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