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  • Your Result: Monkey 86%

    You are probably a playful person with a lot of fun loving people surrounding you. you probably grew up with happy people around you, or have been resilient enough through life to find happiness on your own. You are probably energetic and athletic, or have the potential to be. Remember, sometimes your body and others need a break!

    76% Wood Mouse
    65% Dolphin
    57% Tiger
    55% Wolf
    43% Serpent
    41% DERP
    31% Raven
    0% Crane
    0% Lion

  • What animal represents your spirit?
    Your Result: Dolphin 84%

    You are most likely a happy, fun-loving person who can see the best in life. Also most likely an intelligent person who can socialise to some extent. truly, you live your life to the fullest. Stay away from anyone who wants to bring you down!

    82% Monkey
    66% Wood Mouse
    63% Wolf
    45% Serpent
    38% Tiger
    27% DERP
    18% Lion
    18% Crane
    16% Raven

  • Your Result: Raven 78%

    You are most likely a quiet, beautiful person with a kind, misunderstood soul. You probably take a long time to trust people, but when you do, you trust them entirely. You prefer to keep to the shadows, but if need arises, you can take the lead. Remember, people are mainly good, and you need to be kind to them!

    Yep that's pretty accurate

  • Raven,I do take a very long time to trust others due to my abusive past mostly but I like to be a loner anyways I find it more relaxing and beneficial to me. I also like being mysterious too. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • Cool, I got wolf. I prefer raven, though.

  • This one of a few quizzes i actually LIKED.....my favorite,it's amazing :)

    Jordan the girl
  • oh my gosh i got a wolf,well wolf sounds kinda cool with the description you made. =-0

  • I love it....:)

  • Raven...
    Surpris ed I didn't get DERP LOL


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