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  • Anurak good and narak

    Anurak pakpian Jul 6 '15, 11:33PM
  • Oh! I am turtle ha ha ha

    Supawadee Ya Jul 6 '15, 4:44AM
  • very good.

    Budsaba Tubchang Jul 6 '15, 4:17AM
  • Hello everyone,
    I am shy, but friendly. Making friends is never hard for me, because I get along with everyone. Sometimes I hide from people, and don't speak for a while, but in the end I break away from the shell, and that's when people really get to know me.
    Well, the result is very true and I love it. That's real me.
    Before people get to know me, they think I am really quiet but after they know me quiet well, they like talking to me and I always devote myself for those who are nice and friendly to me. If they do not forget me, I will not forget them as well.

    Thank you for the nice quiz,

    Narumon Ch.

    Narumon Jul 5 '15, 10:00PM
  • good good

    sarayooth sri Jul 5 '15, 8:12PM
  • good good

    sarayooth sri Jul 5 '15, 8:11PM
  • good good

    Yossapon Kongsri Jul 4 '15, 5:29AM
  • I am Dog. 55555

    Very funny!!!

    Yossapon Kongsri Jul 4 '15, 5:27AM
  • very good

    Intuon Junpirom Jul 1 '15, 9:47AM

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