What Alice In Wonderland character are you

Many people are fans of Alice In Wonderland! They imagine that they are basically just like their favorite character, but this quiz truly shows which character you are most like.

Are you just like your favorite character in Alice In Wonderland? OR ARE YOU JUST LIKE YOUR LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER??? Find out right now, it's simple all you have to do is take this quiz!

Created by: Britnee

  1. Do you care about other people's feelings?
  2. Are you bonkers?
  3. Are you loyal to your friends?
  4. If a bug keeps bothering you what do you do?
  5. If your best friend has a problem what do you do?
  6. Do you order your friends around?
  7. Would you battle the Jabberwocky?
  8. Who is your favorite character?
  9. Are you kind?
  10. Would you surrender yourself for the safeness and security of a friend?

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