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  • Your Result: Lion

    Lions are a very large, strong big cat found in Africa. Lions spend a lot of their time resting, and are inactive for over twenty hours out of the day. They hunt at sunrise, and the females (lionesses) do almost all of the hunting because the females are more effective hunters, because they are smaller and more agile. The males defend the pride, because they are bigger and stronger. Lions eat many different types of prey animals, and the lionesses hunt by strangulation. They eat wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, warthogs, and sometimes giraffes. Lions have to compete for food with other predators, and are capable of killing leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, and wild dogs. Lions are close to being endangered, possibly due to habitat loss and conflicts with humans. When a lioness gives birth to cubs, she will leave the pride and hunt by herself. She will keep them in a secluded den, where they remain until they are old enough to walk. At this point, she moves them in with the pride.

    45% Elephant
    40% Ostrich
    36% Hyena
    33% Giraffe
    31% Leopard
    30% African Wild Dog
    25% Rhino
    23% Cheetah
    0% Zebra

  • Elephant,I do find myself very strong and smart both mentally and physically. I would fight if needed to be done even though I don't like to fight much and am loyal as well. Cool quiz mate.

  • Yes I'm a cheetah

  • Lion


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