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  • My result was so freaking wrong it said i was a total jerk and that all i care is about makeup,boys and shopping i dont even have a boyfreind i never wear makeup and i rarely have money to go shopping and then it said to stop straighting my hair i dont have a straigntener

  • Ok, I hate what review I got they said all I care about is boys and makeup, witch, I dont , I never even had a boyfriend. And said " stop straightening your hair" wtf I never do that and I onyl picked the whole makeup choice because that one was the closest when all I wear is mascara, powder, counselor, and a natural eyeshadow. So I gavethis 1 star

  • Your Result: Artsy Gal

    You probably enjoy art class, dance, sining, drama, band, etc. Sometimes you're a bit full of yourself, but you're just really passionate. Often an enemy of jocks and beautiful people, but sometimes combine with the beautiful people.

    "Beautiful Person"


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