Welcome to mutant high part 4

I know that in the first quiz, I called Kitty 'Katey' that was completely my fault. I fixed it last quiz, I noticed it when I was reading over them.

I hope those few and far between who read this enjoy it, and if you have any comments put them in the comment box. the choices don't matter so you don't pay attention to it.

Created by: bananabread

  1. Ember Elizabeth-Ann Watsman. I doodle my name over and over on the cardboard back of my notebook. Which ever way I wrote it I drew flames surrounding it.
  2. A knock on my door startles me and makes me leave an ink mark through the center. "Come in!" I yell to whoever's knocking. When the door opens it reveals Bobby.
  3. I can't help the sigh of frustration that escapes me when I see him. "Ember, what's wrong? You ran straight up here without another word," I look up at him and pat the foot of my bed, motioning him over.
  4. "Bobby, I'm trying not to be the jealous girlfriend but I have to get this off my chest," I start right away. "I felt a little betrayed when you went right to the new girl-" "Rouge" Bobby interupts me and i give him a look that says I'm not done. "Well, you didn't even blink one way at me before you bolted right to her and I feel a little left behind,"
  5. "I just wanted to let her know that she has friends with both of us. You of all people should know that it's hard to be the new girl," Bobby says. Inside this makes me a bit angry because he know nothing about what I've gone through, but on the outside I let it go and agree with him.
  6. We sat in silence for a few seconds and we both looked over each others faces. I knew that now would be the moment that we would kiss and make out a little, especially since we were on my bed. But anything farther than a kiss on the check seemed a little too extreme for me. If I did give in, I would lose control and I can't let that happen ever again.
  7. I've never told Bobby about my reasons for not wanting to kiss him and he obviously wants to see if he could get past my barriers. Slowly he leaned in, hands touching, foreheads touching. I wanted to let myself go and trust myself to not burn down the whole building. But that's not something that could happen.
  8. "Let's go downstairs and see what everybody is up to," I whisper before our lips could touch. Bobby was still of a second then sat up and pulled me after him down the stairs. I lick my lips and taste a faint hint of peppermint.
  9. Through the whole rest of the afternoon, I played along with everyone elses chatter. On the outside nothing was wrong with me. On the inside, everything was a mess like a trash yard. Just like how it's been for years.
  10. I know that it was kinda lame for those few readers that I have, but it was all I could do for today. Thanks.

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