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  • wedgie punishment
    Your Result: propeller wedgie 87%

    Use a pen pecil or pole, put thru leg holes the twist. If you are doing it yourself twist until your underwear will not twist any more. If someone else is doing the wedgie to you they must twist until you beg for mercy. You are not allowed to take the wedgie out for an hour. The twister must twist the bar or whatever is holding your underwear 2 times every 10 minutes.86% atomic

    my older brother raised the ime to 3 hours and after gave an atomic for 7 hours and took me out in public with it

  • I got propeller wedgie. My sister stuck a broom through the leg holes of my panties and twisted counting while she went. She got to 105 and I begged her to stop but she twisted more she made me go in public with it and ask people to twist it 10 times. Everyone said yes!!!

  • My wedgie punishment was atomic wedgie 77%

    So I had taken this yesterday and I forgot to close out. So today I went to my best friends house her name was angel so I went to the restroom real quick and I forget my phone but I though no big deal it's in her room anyway so angel accidentally picked up my phone instead of hers because they were right next to each other

    Then when I got out of the restroom I see her looking at me and then she said zachary(that's my name btw) this is a interesting site I found u on and showed me the phone. She could tell that I was really scared because my face was bright red then angel said you know what zachary I will make u a deal. I will never tell anyone about this but u have to do the thing for me and I was like what? She then said(I was not expecting this) I won't tell if u let me give you the wedgie results you got. At this point she had all the cards in her deck so I said ok if it will keep u quiet I will let u give me the wedgie also put these on she handed me a pair of her really stretchy white panties. She said put these on I saw the results and u put u where panties. So I put them on and layed on the floor then she clicked enter on my phone(her eyes light up when she saw the results) atomic wedgie well this will be fun she put down my phone picked up hers when to her camera and clicked record. Then she put her phone on her dresser and angled the camera down. She griped the underwear with all her strength and pulled with in 5mins it was at the back of my neck she kept pulling my ass was on fire then she said. Zach pull your head back I did what she told me to do and seconds later she locked my underwear under my chin. She looked at my and said well my work here is done then I took off my atomic wedgie and we went back to hanging out

  • I loved the spankings and the wedgies you should make more

  • Propeller, i do for fun, i'm in him now, and i love this


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