we know softball now its your turn

There are many different types of ball players, but in my opinion, softball players are the best! What is a softball player? A softball player is someone who throws like a girl and who loves to get dirty!

Are you a softball player? Do you have what it takes to be one? Try out this quiz to see if you know the game! In just a few, you will find out if you are a star!

Created by: Ry and Bri
  1. what is the first base you run to?
  2. when do you start stealing and live pitching?
  3. what happens when their are 3 strikes?
  4. what is a double play?
  5. what is a bunt?
  6. can a runner advance to a base after a fly foul ball has been caught after tagging up?
  7. what is the maximum number of umpires you will see on a field at one time in a proper game of softball?
  8. what is a pitcher in 8u
  9. the U.S. softball team won the gold medal in 1996?
  10. what do you wear to a softball game?

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Quiz topic: We know softball now its my turn