We can guess your eye color

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Can we guess your eye color? At the end say if we did or didn’t! And do you like cheese yes or no LOL. Now I’m just writing for fun can you CHALLENGE: jumprope 12+ times BACKWORD ok enjoy the quiz!

There are 10 questions this is my very first quiz so I hope I’m ......RIGHT-AMONDO lol and friend me on Roblox at lolbit_4 #Roblox.com oh and like me bros YouTube at Aeden_TNT

Created by: Ashley
  1. What color is your skin color
  2. What is your weird/funny level
  3. What’s your favorite color
  4. How is your diet
  5. Last question, what’s your personality
  6. OK I PROMISE THIS IS THE LAST QUESTION, how much friends do you have
  7. Lol I need more, are you spoiled?
  8. Name off your fav name off this list
  9. Do you know what gach life is?
  10. Do you have a job

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Quiz topic: We can guess my eye color