What's your Star Wars Khyber crystal color

Have you ever wondered about what your light saber color is? Well take this quick quiz and you'll get what your wanting,your khyber crystal color at the end of the quiz thare will be a fun fact that you probably didn't know.

I hope you enjoy my quiz! I worked hard on it! It's ok if you don't but I just want people to know that I'm grateful thair taking my quiz! Thank you friends!

Created by: Jace creed

  1. What do you think of yourself.
  2. What food do you like.
  3. What's your favorite color.
  4. What would be a dream pet too you.
  5. What's your favorite game type
  6. Who are you most like.
  7. What's your favorite book.
  8. What's a mythical creature you would want.
  9. What's your stereotype.
  10. What's your soal element

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Quiz topic: What's my Star Wars Khyber crystal color