wat is ur girly nickname???

their are many girl people. dis quiz should be for GIRLS only. afterall, only these girls should take this quiz to find out wat nickname will fit them. but wat about u?

take dis quiz to find out witch nickname would fit u. BUT IF U R A GIRL. if ur emo, u should choose the emo one. if ur goth, u should choose the goth one. same thing to the others. so good luck!

Created by: gRL_fReaka_123456789

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which girly nickname would u choose?
  2. wat type would be u?
  3. if someone trips u,wat do u do?
  4. wat would u do after school?
  5. what would be ur favorite color?
  6. i someone calls u "stupid face", what do u do?
  7. what accsessory would be perfect for ur head?
  8. wat town name would u go?
  9. wat will ur phone will look?
  10. why did u took dis quiz?

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