Whats your perfect name??

there are many nickname out ther so narrow your options down to see what nickname will fit you and what your personality is like!! i will garantee that all my friend will ge a kick out of this quiz!!

do you think your nickname fits you?? well theres only one way to find out by taking this quiz!!! Hope you enjoy taking my quiz because i no that i had a fun time making it!!!!!!!!

Created by: ashley
  1. whats your favorite color??
  2. how many friend do you have??
  3. do you like to shop??
  4. whats your favorites store??
  5. where would you like to go on vacations??
  6. how often do you go out??
  7. whens your curfue??
  8. whens your bed time??
  9. how olds your crush??
  10. what are you thinking right now??

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Quiz topic: Whats my perfect name??