Warriors love story 1 Kit (she cat only)

You are Twighlightkit . This is you story.

You start as a kit and go to warrior.

Created by: Featherstorm

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  1. You are woken up by your brother Brownkit. Wake up ! Moon dusk is taking us out side the nursey twilightkit.(moondusk is your mother)
  2. You go out side and are suprised at how big it is.
  3. Its so big you say to you're self. Oo here comes Swiftkit maybe moondusk can teach us all a game.
  4. You're in the midle of find the mouse and Swiftclaw coms up to you geys and ask s if he can play to. You wonder way clan deputy would ask to play with you then you reamember he's Swiftkits father.
  5. The day is over and you are tired but can't sleep . Who are you thinking of?
  6. I'm going to leave you guys wondering
  7. This is my first quiz so sorry if its terrible.
  8. I'm just goig to say random stuff now

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