Warriors:a shecats love story: part 1

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Have you ever wondered who your mate is? Who you fall in love with as a warrior? Who you have kits with? THEN TAKE THIS QUIZ!

Until now you could only just wonder who your mate is but thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes! So what are you waiting for? Try it now!!!

Created by: Skypaw
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  1. In this quiz your name will be sky whisper is that fine with you
  2. After receiving your warrior name you make a be a beeline for the warriors den when a ginger Tom with blue eyes appears in front of you "hi I'm flamefur do you mind if I show you to the warriors den?"
  3. (Egnoring if u made mean remark,) flamefur lead you to the warriors den and when you turned around to thank him he had dissaperd and you were alone in the warriors den what are you thinking
  4. You lay down on a soft moss lain bed and settled in for a sleep before you had to guard camp.
  5. Suddenly disturbing you 2 chatty warriors entered the den a grey Tom with green eyes and a silver tom with amber eyes
  6. " hi I'm jay tail" the silver Tom mewed "and this is my friend greyfur we were at your warrior ceromony skywisper wasn't it?" "Yeah... " you answered
  7. *skipping two days* (your at the gathering) your just wandering around aimlessly when you see a black and grey Tom with pale blue eyes and stare at him for a moment wondering if you should go talk to him
  8. (After the gathering, skywisper is on a patroll with the deputy, flamefur and jaytail...
  9. Suddenly a bear jumps out of the bushes and attacks you but the deputy jumps forward and saves your life and for the first time you look at the deputy,wolfclaw and see how handsome he is and you fell a strange felling inside you, what is it?
  10. CLIFFHANGER! This is the end of part one do part two to discover what happens next

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