Warriors: A dangerous path quiz

Some are smart some are dumb Smart people are succesful Dumb People SUCK After all dumb does sound pretty bad so make sure you aren't or your gonna struggle

Are you Smart or Dumb Find out with this quiz! If your dumb make sure you study, If your good just sit down and relax with popcorn cause your good! So make sure You do your best

Created by: Aaron

  1. who is found dead around the end of the book?
  2. what is cloudpaw's warrior name?
  3. Which leaders die in this book?
  4. What attacked at the end of the book?
  5. What kills swiftpaw?
  6. What is Brightpaws warrior name after she gets attacked by dogs?
  7. who was the new leader of shadowclan?
  8. Finish The sentence for the prophecy they get ________________
  9. what is the season they come through
  10. What happened to the pack leader?

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