Which type of Warrior are you?

There's been many different types of warriors over the ages, each with their own sets of abilities, tools, and trademarks. If you could be any one of these this day, which one would fit you the best?

Ever wonder what type of fighter you would be? Well, now you can find out, and hey, maybe you'll find a new career path! Now then, go play some video games and get that aggression out!

Created by: Daniel of The Spectre of the Night
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  1. How strictly do you adhere to orders?
  2. Do you work well with others?
  3. Do you try to fight fair?
  4. Do you like being sneaky?
  5. How good of a runner are you?
  6. You prefer to dispose of your enemies...how?
  7. In which combat zone do you feel you would have the highest survival rating?
  8. How long can you survive without food?
  9. How well can you take a hit?
  10. How important are your specific weapons?
  11. How hard do YOU hit?
  12. Do you see your enemies' faces?
  13. Of these foods, which do you like the most?
  14. What type of gear load do you prefer?
  15. Is retreat an option?
  16. You use your talents to defend, first and foremost, what?
  17. Do you like being in battles and risking your life?
  18. What is an average body count for you after a mission? (including captured or killed?)
  19. How accurate are you?
  20. How tactical and strategic are you?

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Quiz topic: Which type of Warrior am I?