Warrior Cats Quiz, whats your cat name?

If you want to find out your warrior cat name, then you have come to the right quiz! The warrior cats books is a series about four clans of cats that have to fulfill prophecies and stuff.

Yeah I gotta do a 150 word thingy so yeah. Lala warrior cat eats mouse and toadstall poo on floor 112 yeah pink fluffy unicorns dancing on mutant rainbows.

Created by: MidnightDarkness

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. So this quiz will determine what your warrior cat name is.
  2. Which is your favorite clan?
  3. Favorite colour?
  4. What rank do you want your cat to be?
  5. Choose a warrior cat.
  6. Number
  7. Do you read warrior cats books?
  8. What is the second book in the new prophecy called?
  9. Hfjhgjngmjgmgjgj
  10. I made this quiz to level up
  11. Bye

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Quiz topic: Warrior Cats Quiz, whats my cat name?