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There are many Leader's of the Clans but how do we know if we have a Leader's brain? With this simple quiz you'll know! Simply put down the answers that apply to you!

Have a go! Its an easy Quiz to determine which rank you would be in if you were a Warrior cat! Are you a strong young Leader or just a mewling kit! Answer this to find out!

Created by: milly11

  1. You are left in camp while your Mentor goes to ivestigate a Clanmates death. Would you:
  2. A cat from ShadowClan is drowning and you can only save them at the cost of your own life. Would you:
  3. WindClan have stolen prey 6 times now. You are Leader and must make a desicion. Would you:
  4. Your Leader is drowining but StarClan have told you his time is up. Would you:
  5. You get your Warrior name as Stinkyfoot. Would you:
  6. You are about to die at the paws of a WindClan cat you once loved? Would you:
  7. Your Mentor has kits and leaves your training to another cat that you hate. Would you:
  8. A dog is attacking and all Apprentices have been sent to stay in their den. Would you:
  9. A Medicine cat asks you to fetch cobwebs and Tansy. Would you:
  10. A fire breaks out and an old, blind elder gets trapped! Would you:
  11. Your Leader is on his/her last life when a dog attacks. Would you:
  12. You are in love with a ShadowClan cat and suddenly you get the power to destroy the Warrior code? Would you:

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