Warrior Cats names and stuff

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There are many warriors out there and all of them are smart and know a lot of forest secrets. They are wise and smart. Warriors have extordanary minds.

Are YOU the smartest warrior in the forest? Do you have the mind like a true leader? Until now you can wonder.... are you as smart as a true loyal warrior?

Created by: Piggygirl
  1. What color coller did Scourge have?
  2. How did Whitestorm die?
  3. Why did Graystripe join Riverclan?
  4. What is Ravenpaw's warrior name?
  5. How did Blestar die?
  6. Who became leader after Brokenstar?
  7. Who was Firestar's first love?
  8. Where does Barley live?
  9. Who killed Redtail?
  10. Who is Firestar's sister?

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