Warrior Cats love story ~ She-Cats only!

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Hiiiii!!! This is about YOUR Warrior mate! So do the quiz, and plz send this to you friends! My gmail is [no emails] THANK YOU! OK Start now plz. Plz check my website.

Ok, IDK what to write here, and thx... so you can start now... I love warrior Cats... yes.... and I like to read.... ok now you can start!!! Ok bye!!!i

Created by: Amber

  1. You are Hollykit, your mentor is Ivywolf, and Heronleap is your older brother. Your mother is Lightningstar and your father is Stormdawn. You walk outside and see Raypaw munching a squirrel.
  2. You glance at the other toms together. They are Dustpaw and Duskpaw, Bluethunder and Ivywolf. Raypaw joins them. They all glance at you.
  3. Then Ivywolf walks over to you. I’m going to take you to patrol the border with them. He nods to the other toms.
  4. You all walk by the border, and Dustpaw and Duskpaw walk next to you. Hi, are you ok? They mew at the same time.
  5. Raypaw nuzzles you and purrs.
  6. You notice that Bluethunder hasn’t talked much. You walk up to him and smile. He smiles back and purrs.
  7. You get back to camp, and you want to do something.
  8. A fox attacks you. Dustpaw distracts it while Duskpaw scratches it.
  9. Lightningstar walks in front of you and looks into your yellow eyes. She purrs at you. Oh, my kit! You have grown up so much!
  10. Who shall be your mate?

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