warrior cats lionclan

This is a rp of my clan lionclan we do this in clash of clans my clan in it is lionclan and I decided to do a rp quiz thingy about this so here you have it enjoy it

This is a quiz to see if you are a warrior, kit or you are an apprentice I depends on what you choose for the questions so here you go I did it because I wanted a rp for ppl to play

Created by: rivertail
  1. you wake up in the apprentices den and see snowheart and thunderclaw pad up to you telling you that your joining a hunting patrol. what do you say
  2. either way. the patrol after a long patrol, they bring back a few thrushes and a squirrel, then a dark tabby she cat with green eyes pads up to you. what do you do?
  3. either way she pads up to you and says "hi there (your cats name), my name is rivertail, how are you?"
  4. she nods and pads away from you leaving you alone. you decide to check the nursery for your mother silverpelt. once your in there you see her and the medicine cat flamefeather. she nods a greeting to you and looks back at silverpelt worried. what do you say?
  5. your mother looks at you with a clouded epression then a tom pads beside you. you recognize him at once, your father. what do you do
  6. your father eyes cloud and touches your shoulder from his tail "come here (your cats name) she need space. since you have been training so well you mentor might give you your final assessment. you excited?"
  7. (your fathers name is fireclaw) you pads away to the apprentice den that night and wake up hearing load screeches. you see you father being attacked by a tom as a rougue. what do you do?!?!?!
  8. all of a sudden the other apprentices roar in fury and attack the cats around and leave you alone with your father and the rougue he looks at you and smirks leaving your father alone, he smirks and leaps on top of you his eyes gleam and murmers in your ear "what is your name?" what do you do?
  9. one of your clanmates leaps at the tom and claws the tom and the rougue falls limp. then the clanmate murmmurs " why are you standing there? MOVE!
  10. He pushes you to the den and you sit there and start to growl in frustration then you decide to get back into battle not caring what the tom said and leaps for a rougue nearby then all of a sudden you see a familiar pelt laying on the grass. FATHER!
  11. AND CLIFFHANGER!!! What do you think will happen next?

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