Warrior Cat Love Story (toms only!)

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don't read, it will be random words apples oringes, bannanas, wolf ping fox wolf howls at midnight ping pong fox rocks liily Mothflight Hawkfrost super.

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuxyz 1234567891011121314151617181920 i love warrior cats! cat yowls at midnight we wake at the call of the dragon, the howl of the dog at night.

Created by: Mapleshade1492

  1. You have just been apprenticed and your mentor is Sunclaw, a stern pale ginger she-cat. you walk toward her she smiles at you and tells you that your going on a patrol with Dovesplash and her apprentice Crowpaw, you nod you head and Sunclaw points out a beautiful gray white she-cat with a blue and green eyes. Dovesplash sees you looking at her and blushes, and beckons you with her tail. As you walk with her on the patrol you catch her glancing at you, she blushes again and pads forward. as she walks away, you think of.
  2. As you finish the patrol you see a calico cat walking forward, her pelt seams to gleam in the sunlight, she introduces herself as Mapleheart, she asks you if you want to share a piece of fresh kill you say.
  3. Either way you end up sharing a piece of fresh kill with her. after you finish another she-cat walks up to you (Me:man you are popular!) she is a brown tabby with blue eyes, she smiles warmly and invites you to hunt with her. before you can answer Sunclaw comes up to both of you and says you need to go hunting, you quickly explain that the she-cat just invited you to hunt, your mentor glares at the she-cat and quickly invites herself in. then she-cat blushes at you and quickly says that her name is Otterwing, you chuckle and the three of you walk out of camp. You catch a vole, thrush, and a mouse, you mentor smiles at you and you see a proud gleam in her eyes. After you put you fresh kill in the pile you walk to the apprentices den find a nest next to your sister,(Minnowpaw) and you quickly drift off to sleep. your dreams are filled with.
  4. You wake up and find that there is a juicy looking vole in front of your face. you look around and try to see who could have put it there and you see no one, you sniff the vole and find sent of Dovesplash! You quickly eat the vole and walk toward the warriors den, looking for Sunclaw, you find her soundly asleep, you go to wake her up when you feel a light tap on your shoulder, you turn and see Mapleheart, she tells you that you should let her sleep and you can do training with her and her apprentice (Hawkpaw) you nod your head and walk away taking a quick glance back at your sleeping mentor, the early morning light makes her fur dazzle with ginger coloring you sigh and turn facing Mapleheart. Awile later you are on a patrol with Sunclaw, Mapleheart, and Hawkpaw. you catch a familiar sent on the breeze sends your heart thumping. FOX!! before you can yowl a warning a fox jumps from the undergrowth and ponces on Mapleheart, you.
  5. Before you can do anything a patrol with Minnowpaw, Eagleheart, and a dark ginger she-cat with bright and fearless amber eyes, comes out of no were and attacks the fox, you fight side by side with your sister, soon the fox is overwhelmed and runs of yelping, the dark ginger she-cat lets out a yowl of triumph and glares at were the fox once was. She sees you and walks over and introduces herself as Rosefur. Soon the two patrols walk into camp and tell the leader (Pinestar) what happend, soon you walk away and Rosefur soon joins you by the fresh kill pile, she tells you how brave she thinks you were and you thank her for her help. In the back of your mind you think.
  6. Before you can go to your den Pinestar calls a meeting. You walk over knowing what he is going to say. But then. You. Hear. Your. Name. you look forward staring at Pinestar, you can feel the heat of you clan mates eyes on you, he repeated the word he had said and you heard the words to a warrior ceremony, you heart leaps with joy, the long awaited day has come! Soon you are named with your warrior name, Echofang (me: ya it's amazing) you no long walk toward the apprentices den, but to the warriors den, she find a spot next to.
  7. No matter who you sleep next to you wake up and find Mapleheart on one side and Otterwing on the other, you stand up and walk to the fresh kill pile and take a thrush, walking over to a bush to eat you hear Pinestar call another meeting, you quickly finish your thrush, give yourself a quick clean and walk over, you hear that two new apprentices are to be named, Bearpaw, and Lillypaw, you are given Bearpaw a joyful dark brown tom with a want to know everything, you first take him around the territory and second take him hunting, when you return you make him go take care of the elders, he complains a little before walking over to the medicine cats den and returning with mouse-bile, you look around the camp, and you look for.
  8. You end up seeing none of the she-cats, and, feeling very alone all the sudden you go on a lone hunt near the Windclan border, as you stalk a mouse you hear a cry or help from the Windclan territory, the mouse you were hunting runs off into a holly bush, frustrated you look over to where the cry came from and you see a pretty light brown tabby cat with green eyes calling for help, you can see a fox stalking her and getting ready to pounce, you wonder why she doesn't just run away when you see a glint of metal near the ground, you conclude that she is stuck in a trap and can't run, you.
  9. You choose to help her (no matter what your answer was) You rush over and attack to fox, unprepared for the sudden attack, the fox is easily beaten, you turn to the Windclan she-cat and you can see she is even prettier up close, she growls, and that catches you off guard, "What are you doing just standing there you flea-brain?! get me out!" she snarls, you dig up the stick to loosen the metal jaws and her leg is soon released, she nods at you and sits down, "Whats your name?" you ask "Are you trying to get your head snapped off?" she growls "It's Doepad" she says, soon she limps off without saying thank you, and that doesn't bother you. You walk off to camp and you are greated by a patrol with Minnowpaw,your mother (Lillyheart) and your father (Falconfllight), they all rush to you saying that the clan was worried when they couldn't find you and sent patrols out to find you, you ask why they did, did something important happen? you mother answers with "Three important things happened" your jaw drops and you rush to camp and go into the nursery there you find three kits, two toms and a she-cat that look like you and.
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