Warrior_Cat_Love_Story_She-Cats_Only Part 2

Alright! In case you were not here, the first quiz was called Warrior_Cat_Love_Story_She-Cats_Only OK, in case you forgot, there are four toms. They all love you. Their names are

Riverfoot, Rubblerock, Flamewater, and Skywing. This one stars Rubbleboi! PLEASE BE HONEST WITH THE QUESTIONS OTHERWISE ITS NOT AS FUN!!! *phew* OK, sorry about that! Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Sup

  1. OK! What was your first result?
  2. You wake up next to the brown mottled tom. He purrs in his sleep.
  3. You stand up and you hear Rubbleboi's voice. "Hopesong! You're up?"
  4. He stands and runs over. He looks at the dawn light. "Maybe we can get some early hunting in. The Clan will be happy to wake to a full pile of fresh-kill." He turns and asks: "Do you want to come with?"
  5. (IF YOU SAID YES) "Great. Lets go." he said as you left camp. It was leaf bare, so it was more of a walk than a hunt. You could swear you felt his fur brush yours multiple times...
  6. He looked around and meowed, "You're right. There's nothing here." Just as he said that, a huge hawk swooped down through the leaf-less trees, digging it's talons into your sides. "HOPESONG!!!!!" cried Rubblerock.
  7. Rubblerock lept up, trying to claw down the bird. The bird lowered, then kicked on the muscular tom. When all hope was lost, Skywing, Riverfoot, and Flamewater all ran out and helped Rubblerock attack the bird!
  8. With the extra help, the bird was brought down. As the toms killed the bird, you layed there, unable to move. They rushed over to you. WHO'S NAME DO YOU WHISPER BEFORE YOU PASS OUT???
  9. You wake one day later. All the toms greet you, and your heart pounds when Rubblerock profusely apologizes.
  10. ALRIGHT! The next one will continue if you mated with Riverfoot in the first chapter! There will be one after if you didn't

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