Warrior cat love story (part one)

This is a warrior cat love story. I was lazy so there is not much of a story line. I will try to do better later if I'm not to lazy. if I am? good ridance!

you have no siblings, and 5 toms after you. break hearts and make families! again, not much of a story line. I hope you enjoy. remember stay away from...CONNECTION LOST!

Created by: Amber
  1. you just oppened her eyes. you are the only kit that is in the nursery. just then you hear play-fighting. two kits bound into the nursery. one is plain and one is tabby, both are ginger.
  2. The plain looked at you (Weather you talked to him or not.) "Hi!" He said. "I'm Firekit. this is maplekit." He nods to the other kit. "We are one moon old."
  3. Maplekit lays his tail on you. Firekit does the same. they walk you out into the clearing. there is a pure white tom looking at you.
  4. "Hi." The tom said. "I'm Snowpaw. I have been an apprentice for about a moon." "She is..." Firekit started."She is..." Maplekit started
  5. you are now an apprentice. you move into your den to see that Firepaw, Maplepaw, and Snowpaw had formed a sort of circle around you.
  6. you wake up to you mentor, Appleheart, proding you. "Hunt." he said. you were an expert at hunting. it was your best skill in your 1/2 moon of training. you see a loner stalking around.
  7. "well," The red tom said. "My name is Brick, I was just hunting." he twiched his whiskers at you. "Hope to see you around."
  8. you bring back plenty of prey. you are just in time to see Snowpaw be named Snowheart.
  9. Appleheart pads up to you. "That will be you next." he whispers.
  10. you enter your den to see the two ginger apprentices arguing. they don't see you. "She likes me!" Maplepaw snapped."No! she likes me!" Firepaw hissed
  11. you go on a patrol. you see a diffrent loner this time. this one is a grey tabby. "Hello." he said. "I am Bridge."
  12. Just then, Brick jumps from the bushes. "Leave her alone." he hissed.
  13. you head back to camp, in the end the cats left each other alone. when you get there the ginger toms are looking at you. "Choose one of us." they said.
  14. You are now a warrior. there is Mapleheart and Firepelt. Snowheart is now the clan deputy.
  15. You end up patroling after you do whatever you did. you hear a rustiling in the bushes. "Hello." She said to Brick and Bridge who poped up.
  16. Brick askes you to come with him to the loner place with himthen Bridge asks you
  17. you went back to camp. Snowheart ran up to you to tell you that the leader had just died.
  18. Snowstar pads up to you. "Will you be my mate?" he asks. Mapleheart pads up next. "Will you be my mate?" He asks.

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