Warrior_Cat_Love_Story: Intro

OK, this is not the start of the quiz. I repeat: THIS IS NOT PART OF THE STORY!!!! This is ONLY importaint info readers must know in order to keep up with the story.

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO START THE STORY IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE THIS!!!! (pant pant) Anyhoo... The first "episode" is called Warrior_Cat_Love_Story: Part One . To find it, search Warrior_Cat_Love_Story: Part One CrookedstarRules.

Created by: CrookedstarRules

  1. Hello! Just wanted to tell you that VERY soon I am starting a Warrior Cat Love Story series!
  2. Now, the questions below are just VERY IMPORTANT INFO!
  3. OK Your character's name is Fawnpaw. She is a dusty brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.
  4. You have one sister: Minnowpaw. She is a brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.
  5. Your father is leader of ThunderClan: Treestar. He has a solid brown pelt and has blue eyes. Your mother is a pretty pale brown she-cat with green eyes. Her name is Leafwing.
  6. There are three mate possibilities: Bravepaw, Rainpaw, and Shadowpaw. Bravepaw is a ginger tabby tom with bright blue eyes. He is large and muscular. Rainpaw is a shy silver tabby tom with blue eyes. Shadowpaw is a lean and sneaky black tom with grey paws and tail-tip. He has green eyes. Shadowpaw, Bravepaw, and Rainpaw are all littermates. Their parents are Mousetail (Dad) and Riversplash (mom).
  7. And, after the first quiz, the tom you like most will occasionally not me named. Instead, there will be a *_____*. The tom you hate the most will be X______X.
  8. OK The last questions I have to have in order to have enough questions....
  9. ...........
  10. .............
  11. OH WAIT!! How do you feel about the following quizzes?

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